Lorna Carolyn Aites
Songs to the Divine

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The Open Door

There comes a time, a moment
When life is very clear
When what is real and truly great
Is very very near
The hardest things we have to face
Which shake us to the core
Can bring to light the best in us
And then a little more

La da da    da da    da da da da    da da da   
La da da    da da    da da da

One life can throw existence
Sharp lit into relief
A single life can close the gap
In ways beyond belief
We live our lives from day to day
In mercy and in grace
Then something comes to seize our hearts
And sweep the mist away

Reflections of this living light
Move swiftly through the soul
What daily life can easily dim
A moment can make whole
One life can bring this brilliant light
Completely into view
Kindling a fire within our hearts
To light our world anew

There comes a time, a moment
When what is real is clear
When deepest truth takes hold of us
And we release our fear
A moment to remember
A choice to make once more
To reach the hearts of others
To risk this open door

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Last modified: December 15, 2012