Lorna Carolyn Aites
Songs to the Divine

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Recent Songs
Chant to Divine Mother     Mp3
Hollow Reed     Mp3

Earlier Songs
Be Still My Heart     Mp3
Closer and Closer     Mp3     
Closer and Closer is recorded with the permission of its composer, Scott Grace
Create Us New     Mp3
Create Us New is recorded with the permission of its composer, Rodney Romney
Gandhiji's Song     Mp3
Gifts We Bring     Mp3
God Brings Light This Day     Mp3
God Hold Me     Mp3
God is Still With You     Mp3
Good Morning Angels     Mp3
Grato, acappella     Mp3
Grato     Mp3
Here I Am     Mp3
In This Silence     Mp3
Mady's Song     Mp3
One Step at a Time     Mp3
Open Door     Mp3
Our Hearts Beat the Same     Mp3
Path of Light     Mp3
Peace Descends on Me     Mp3
Soul's Light     Mp3
Stories within Stories     Mp3
Where Can I Find You     Mp3
Words and Silence     Mp3

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Last modified: June 12, 2015